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Bigger than the Banks: Natalie Jabangwe-Morris on Africa’s movement to mobile money

The wave of mobile phone use in Africa has not only connected individuals to each other, but has connected many people to mainstream financial services for the first time. In regions where populations were majority unbanked, access to mobile technology has simultaneously unlocked mobile money, and spurred economic growth in societies previously run on informal, cash-based finance. By the end of 2016, the number of registered mobile money accounts in Sub-Saharan Africa stood at 277 million.

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Tech transformations: American Tower Corporation on building Africa’s broadband

There is one way of charting Africa’s turn to connectivity: the rise of the mobile. As many have seen, mobile subscription continues to grow in Africa, outpacing every other region worldwide.

Since 2010, American Tower Corporation have established sites across South Africa, Ghana, Uganda and Nigeria; constructing over 8000 towers as part of their wireless network deployment.

We spoke to Hal Hess, President of Latin America and EMEA at American Tower on the transformation of Africa’s ICT sector, the impact of connectivity on the Continent and markets ATC are most excited about going forward.


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