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5 Lavington Street
London, SE1
United Kingdom

The Business Council for Africa and Invest Africa’s flagship event, The Annual Debate 2018 returns 24th April for its forth edition. It has established itself as an important platform for everyone interested in and committed to African business.


The Law Society, London
Wednesday 20 April 2016

12.00         Registration and networking lunch  

12:45         Welcome address by our host, Jonathan Smithers, President, The Law Society

13:00         Chair’s introduction and scene-setting

13:00         Opening address: Arnold Ekpe, Honorary President, Business Council for Africa

13:15         Economic keynote address: What is Africa’s future role in the global economy?: Sir Paul Collier CBE, Professor of                    Economics and Public Policy, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford 

13:40         DEBATE: African affluence; keeping pace with your target consumer

                   According to the AFDB, Africa’s consumer class is a key source for private  sector growth in Africa accounting for much of the                        effective demand for goods and services supplied by private sector entities. This session will debate how affluence has created                      new opportunities across all sectors.

                   -How significant is Africa's demographic dividend for its future growth?

                   -What is driving this new consumerism in Africa, what does the future look like and is it sustainable?

                   -Examining spending power and distribution of growth

                   -The rise of the international luxury brand in Africa. How to engage with Africa’s luxury retail consumers

                   -Tapping into investment opportunities at a local level by fostering and maintaining local partnerships

14:40      Networking break

15:10      Keynote Address: Igho Sanomi, Chief Executive, Taleveras

15:30     DEBATE: How should Africa reduce its power deficit?

                  -Will renewable energy be the silver bullet for Africa’s power crisis?

                  -What challenges do African governments face to stimulate (renewable) energy development? What opportunities exist for                             British business?

                  -Combining solar, wind and storage for rural electrification – does it, can it work?

                  -Technology: on and off-grid - electricity projects and technology developments.

                  -Oil, gas and coal; what combined role can they play in the future of powering Africa?

                  -What policy mechanisms can support private sector investors in developing renewable energy projects in Africa?

16:30    Networking break

16:50    DEBATE:  What does the future of Africa’s trade and investment landscape look like? Emerging sectors and                       regions for investment                

                -Development of inter-Africa trade, ECOWAS and the Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA)

                -Risk and regulations: recent African government reforms and regulations and what it means for you

                -FDI into Africa – who is leading the charge?

17.50    Country snapshot: Nigeria

18:15    Closing Remarks

18:30    Drinks reception

19:30    The Gala Dinner

22:30    Carriages