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5 Lavington Street
London, SE1
United Kingdom

The Business Council for Africa and Invest Africa’s flagship event, The Annual Debate 2018 returns 24th April for its forth edition. It has established itself as an important platform for everyone interested in and committed to African business.



Africa: The Next Chapter

As Africa enters a new phase in its development, African governments are facing decisions on how to create an attractive environment for economic growth. Commodity prices, currency fluctuations and political instability have challenged these perceptions and cast doubt in the minds of investors.  

The Annual Debate will focus on how Africa can respond to the challenges posed by global macroeconomic trends. 

We will debate these key themes:

Africa: A continent for the 21st century?

●    Urbanisation: Economic boon or demographic powderkeg?
●    Brexit and Trump: What impact for Africa?
●    Governance: Stuck in a start-stop cycle?
●    The Youth: Much talked about, seldom taken seriously?

Finance & Investment: New realities post “Africa Rising”

●    Blended finance: Can it reduce risks, maximise development impact and unlock additional funding?
●    Impact investing: Who is doing it? Doing good, but doing well?
●    Private equity: Has the sector already peaked? Where are the deals?
●    Who is providing the required capital to fuel growth? Which are the main attractive factors? Which are the major inhibiting factors?         Currency fluctuations, liquidity or capital repatriation?

Africa’s tech revolution: Separating fact from fiction

●    What is the impact of tech innovation on sectors like energy, entertainment and healthcare?
●    Tech hubs: Are governments enabling innovative ecosystems?
●    Fintech: Is Blockchain technology poised to fill Africa’s financial services gap?